First Impressions.

Once you have tweaked this computer to suit your performance levels, it really is not a bad machineSmileThumbs up

Ignore the Windows Performance Rating, which shows 1.6 because the Processor has only got a maximum speed of 1.6 GHZ.

Once you have selected the Windows Balanced (active) power plan, and tweaked that, the rest is okayThumbs up

The real trick is to use the built in Wireless capability, and ditch the EthernetThumbs up

Once that is done, this pc actually is a real joy to use.

Quiet too, to the point that you might wonder if there is actually a pc in your officeOpen-mouthed smile

All in all, a good machineThumbs up


About charliestewart41

Born in N.Ireland, living in UK, 51, fan OF Links 2003 Golf Sim, and other techie stuff. Musically, grew up with Doobie Brothers and Eagles.
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