That’s More Like It

The new rota, which takes effect as of October 1st, is finally a better way of utilising resources.Thumbs up

Martin will get to spend more time and if I can persuade Marisia at Dom Care, I will be able to have a stable and secure structure; while introducing a degree of flexibility, and at the same time making it dynamic: making it able to adapt to changing circumstancesThumbs upSmile

Clive will still get a decent amount of time as my Key Worker – 6 hours.

The only thing to deal with is the choice of Susie for Week 1 Mondays; having never really experienced her before, it will disrupt my routine if I have to take time needed to get to know a new person.

That can all be dealt with by me after 09.30 hrs., tomorrow; after Clive has talked to Marisia.

Otherwise this looks like a very good month coming upThumbs up


About charliestewart41

Born in N.Ireland, living in UK, 51, fan OF Links 2003 Golf Sim, and other techie stuff. Musically, grew up with Doobie Brothers and Eagles.
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